Is Prophet Mohammad Proud of Us?

In the name of God

One of the teachings of Muslims is: it is forbidden to bleed the blood of any other Muslims. I do believe when you call yourself Muslim. It does not matter Shiite or Sunnite. You are forbidden to bleed your Muslim brothers or sisters. I have enormous reasons. Some of Them:

  1. Any Muslims who call themselves Muslim (Shiite or Sunnite) believe in one book, in one God and in one Prophet.
  2. In our teaching we have a respect toward any believers who believe in God and books acknowledged by our Prophet Mohammad.
  3. You were advised to prevent bleeding any innocent blood believer or nonbeliever.

Our Prophet Mohammad set himself as a high bar. In enormous occasions he accepts foreign tax “Jazieh” instead of bleeding the bloods and slaving the opponents who believe in Godly teachings. I am not sure if we set our selves higher than him who forgive and forget.

One Response to “Is Prophet Mohammad Proud of Us?”

  1. سردار سلیمانی و مکتبی که او پیروی می کرد برای پایداری صلح و امنیت بود و نه تفرقه و اختلاف | ©®™Everlasting Fairytale's Blog Says:

    […] من بارها به جنگ احد و دفاع از صلح برای جلوگیری از خونریزی و حداقل تلفات چه مالی و چه جانی اشاره کرده ام. […]

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