What I learn from Persian (Iranian) history?

I could admit to be proud as Iranian. I wrote more than 7 years ago the article What I learn from Persian (Iranian) History?

As an activist and fellow researcher I saw changes and transitions which are promising. The element of United Iranian and change of rule of play. At 7 years ago any body who could better destroy opponents and oppress the community called the winner.

Although my nation shows at the end of last winter that we would like to thrive as one nation and play rules of democracy. My nation comes to demonstration against the crime and bad economic management. They demand their right in a democratic way and shows their maturity. At those moments I promised to be the voice of mature nation who knows what would like and how to achieves it.

As I have said we need patience and no one can build Rome in one night. Now is the best time to develop and evolve the civic society and NGOs. The best place to practice the democratic rights is in the social media and any other mediums to create Unity and Fundation of democratic organisations.

We shows unity in fight with corruption and the realities are magnificent. Sepah, Armed forces, and law enforcement show a dedication and unity with nation in demanding change in ignorance and systematic corruption. There is a unique momentum that we could not afford to loose.

The time is now and we could change the play by demanding Unitedly to fight the systemic corruption. The wind of change begins to blow.

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