It’s your choice

Recently I posted words of a husband who lost his wife in shouting in France in a terror attack. I read the article and trying to digest the huge spirit of a man who lost his soulmate and his reaction. At the beginning I am honoured to share this strong message that brings up and nourish our thoughts. This accident happened many years ago but I promise the message takes for good. I asked myself the voice of people like this gentleman shall not silent and will show case the potential of humanity in both ways negative and positive. Every time that we think this is the end this message show us the way that we have the choice of selecting between darkness and light. The show must go on.

Enjoy your time and in the decision time never forget you solely select between to be or not to be or darkness and light. Accepting reality is as much important as responsibility.

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    It’s your choice | ©®™Everlasting Fairytale's Blog

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