The Danger Is Eminent

In the name of God

Dear Presidents Biden, Xi Jinping, Modi, Putin and Prime Minister Johnson

I appreciated your hard work and the ability you showed in solving your country’s and constituents’ issues. Overcoming COVID19 disaster is a strong proof of your leadership. I know there are potential competition between your countries and constituents. Hence, I would like to draw your attention to this rivalry which could come to a dangerous global’ threat conclusion. At the moment the environment, social security and coherency are under a huge pressure. The global warming and environmental degradation lead us to the edge. Social coherency and poverty is another factor for this dangerous situation.

War and social unrest are eminent results of this unbalanced situation. Hereby I request your urgent attention to need for cooperation and support of a unified response to global threats and prevention of the unwanted.

Still we have time for finding a unified solution for these eminent dangers.

Yours sincerely,

Hootan Dehbonei

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