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The Danger Is Eminent

June 6, 2022

In the name of God

Dear Presidents Biden, Xi Jinping, Modi, Putin and Prime Minister Johnson

I appreciated your hard work and the ability you showed in solving your country’s and constituents’ issues. Overcoming COVID19 disaster is a strong proof of your leadership. I know there are potential competition between your countries and constituents. Hence, I would like to draw your attention to this rivalry which could come to a dangerous global’ threat conclusion. At the moment the environment, social security and coherency are under a huge pressure. The global warming and environmental degradation lead us to the edge. Social coherency and poverty is another factor for this dangerous situation.

War and social unrest are eminent results of this unbalanced situation. Hereby I request your urgent attention to need for cooperation and support of a unified response to global threats and prevention of the unwanted.

Still we have time for finding a unified solution for these eminent dangers.

Yours sincerely,

Hootan Dehbonei

We are one

April 5, 2020

In the name of God

I am a true believer of Humanity. I believe in the global village and unity of humanity. We are part of big family with the functionality of a body. All of us are on board of the only ship called Mother Nature. I believe the truth behind the warning signs Mother Nature shows; like COVID19 clarifies we reached the edge in our civilisation. We should decide between two choices either we can work together with peace love and harmony or we choose our own way and tear up unity.

In first scenario we work together to fight and challenge any global and local security threats. Any issue and dilemma perceived as a group problem not individual problem. Any one try their best to work in a team to tackle it and no one leaves alone by the human society. We cultivate the power of cumulative strength of humanity which is indefinite and we can pass any hardship. This community and body consists of individuals with their own identity and rights and responsibilities. The limitation of individual’s freedom got defined by the boundaries which don’t overlap others.

In the second scenario we choose not to collaborate and ignore the warnings signs of a huge catastrophic natural disaster. In this case we loose the opportunity of the one time given to human civilisation after millions years of Evolution. Some of us can survive and the human civilisation will disappear with all its own achievements and failure. The new era of evolution will begin and everything renew and repeats. The problem with this case is that maybe there would be no second chance for humanity to thrive. It means there is a high risk that no one can pass the natural selection challenges this time because of extreme conditions.

As you could see in these scenarios with the power of our civilisation we comes to a point in that we realise that all of us are in one ship at ocean with extreme hurricane. Either we work together to thrive together or we choose to select our own way and separating from each other. When a predator attacks in Mother Nature he / she tries to separate the weakest and sickest from the Hurd and then kill and eat victim. Although in a ship at sea with extreme hurricane there is a huge chance that nobody survives if we seperate from each other.

As I mentioned above I believe in the human spirit and it would define our response to this question. Can we work together and tackle the hurdles in front of us together?

May god bless humanity with blessings peace love and harmony.


Hootan Dehbonei

Japan Earth Quake and Tsunami

March 12, 2011

There is a natural disaster in Japan and everybody sympathizes with Japanese Nation. Your nation is thriving and will be. I would like to remind Japanese that they are not alone and they revive and retrieve much worse disaster during history. One of them is World War 2. You always survive and would be stronger.