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جنبش مشروطه مشروعه ایران

February 26, 2018

دوستان عزیز،

بیش‌تر از دویست سال رنج و کوشش ایرانیانی که حرکت مشروطه را به وجود آوردند، می‌تواند سرمشق خوبی برای ما باشد. بر اساس تجربه و حافظه تاریخی ملت ایران دو عنصر دین و تخت سلطنت از هم جدا نا پذیرند. چرا ما دنبال سلطنت طلبان و یا اصلاح طلبان برویم. ما می توانیم جنبش مشوطه مشروعه را به راه بیاندازیم. در این حرکت به جای حزف طرف مقابل با مشورت و کار گروهی میهنمان ایران را دوباره باز.بیافرینیم.



زنگ خطر

February 20, 2018

February 15, 2018

Happy Mother Day

May 8, 2010

Happy Mother Day to all current and prospective Mothers and their beloved one. How to appreciate a divine love and lovers except to show them how valuable they are and their love. Everyone grow up in their unique hand. Each mother is a great privilege to her family particularly her children. Each family consists of men and women. Each society consists of the fractions named family in which the role of mothers are undeniable and vital.  It is an honest  statement which heaven is  underneath of mothers’ feet. May their love last ever and be appreciated by their beloved one. Wish all the best for them and their beloved one.