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My Condolences to French nation

October 21, 2020

In the name of God

I find necessary to convey my condolences to French Nation . Another time in the name of God a catastrophic violent crime happened against freedom and equality. I believe it is strange but even after centuries still French Nation defend its revolution’s Mottos which were freedom and brotherhood (equality) . In my previous articles I mentioned the French Nation is the first Western Nation which stood for freedom and equality and still defends it’s ideal by all means.

The person who took this criminal act claimed this act was in the name of Islam and God. I would like to draw your attention in this true story. Mohammad went to mosque from a routine passage by side that passage. There were a home whose occupant was an old Jewish lady. Her sun and husband were killed in the fight with Islamic forces. This lady used to throw rubbish at Prophet Mohammad. This occurrence happened routinely. Till our Prophet went through that passage and that lady haven’t thrown any rubbish to Prophet for a week. Prophet asked about her and recognised that lady got sick. Immediately he went to her and she was surprised. She asked him why he went to her. Our Prophet told her she used to throw rubbish at him and because she didn’t do that as usual. He recognised there were going some thing wrong. Hence he came and asked her what was wrong.

I believe with the comparison of those stories we recognise to some what we follow the Prophet custom and tradition. Based on my knowledge there dose not exist any photos or pictures of Prophet Mohammad.

With respect to all heroes who felt in their blood for serving a precious cause and their believe.

May God bless Humanity by the peace, love and harmony.

Hootan Dehbonei